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Mindset: You sell your conviction

In today's business world, where everyone is vying for attention, you may be wondering what really sets you apart from the crowd. It's not just what you sell, but how and why you sell it. Your mindset, your inner attitude and conviction, plays the central role in this.

Mindset entscheidet über den Erfolg
Conviction sells success

Why customers buy your conviction

  1. Authenticity creates trust: If you are passionate and convinced about your product, customers will sense this too. This authenticity builds trust and attracts people who believe in what you do.

  2. Emotional connection: People often buy based on feelings. Your enthusiasm and conviction can create an emotional connection that goes far beyond rational decisions.

  3. Market differentiation: In a crowded market, your conviction can be what makes your offering unique.

Success through belief in success

Your belief in your own success is crucial. Why is that?

  1. Overcoming obstacles: The road to success is rarely easy. A strong mindset helps you to overcome setbacks and keep going.

  2. Attracting like-minded people: If you believe in your success, you will attract customers, employees and partners who share and support your vision.

  3. Self-fulfilling prophecy: Positive thinking and self-confidence promote proactive action, which in turn makes success more likely.

Why it is so important to implement your own ideas

It is crucial to tackle your ideas and not be influenced by the opinions of others. Why?

  1. Uniqueness: If you allow yourself to be influenced too much by others, you will lose what makes your offer special.

  2. Self-confidence: Pursuing your ideas, despite criticism, builds self-confidence and resilience.

  3. Innovation: Great progress is often made by those who are prepared to think and act differently.

Recognizing winners: Not at the finish line, but at the start

Winners are often recognized at the start and not just at the finish. Their winning mentality - a combination of self-confidence, determination and the ability to pursue visions - sets them apart from others right from the start.


Your mindset is more than just a way of thinking; it is the core of your business success. Customers buy into your beliefs and vision. By firmly believing in your success and unwaveringly pursuing your ideas, you not only create a strong brand, but also build lasting relationships with your customers.


Gregor Jasch develops and guides people, ideas and companies to success in digitalization, brand - story - film and new business development. His book "The Creative Effectiveness Method" in German on Amazon achieved top rankings in three categories on Amazon. His corporate films for accelerating order clarification have received numerous awards worldwide.


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