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The importance of a value concept for company success

Imagine your company is a ship sailing the endless seas of the business world. Like any ship, your company needs a compass - one that not only provides directions but also values. In this blog post you will find out why developing a value concept for your company, regardless of size, is the basis of success.

Mindset determines success
Values set the course for coexistence and provide clear orientation

The five key factors of values for success in business:

1. Values as a compass in success and in crises

In calm waters it is easy to stay on course. But what happens in stormy times? Values are like a lighthouse in the darkness. They help you and your team find the right path, regardless of whether you are riding the wave of success or overcoming a crisis. They are the constant that provides security and orientation.

2. Values as a binder for identification

Your company is more than just a collection of products or services. It is a community of people - employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders. Values create a common identity. They are like an invisible thread that connects everyone involved and gives them a sense of belonging. When people can identify with your company's values, loyalty is created.

3. Values as guidelines in every business area

From new product development to customer service to internal communication - values should be felt in every area of your company. They are like guardrails that ensure that all decisions and actions are in line with what your company stands for. At every touchpoint, in every situation, they provide orientation and create consistency.

4. Values as a motor for innovation and creativity

Values are not just about setting boundaries. They are also a powerful engine for innovation and creativity. When your team has internalized the values, members feel empowered to develop new ideas and find creative solutions that reflect those values. This keeps your company and your brand dynamic and relevant.

5. Values as a foundation for long-term success

Short-term gains can be tempting, but long-term success requires more. A firmly anchored value concept ensures that your company will continue to exist in the future. It forms the foundation for sustainable growth and a strong brand identity.

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Gregor Jasch develops and accompanies people, ideas and companies towards success in digitalization, brand - story - film and new business development. His book “The Creative Effectiveness Method” on Amazon achieved top rankings in three categories on Amazon. His corporate films to accelerate order clarification have often received awards worldwide.


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