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This is how personal branding works for EPUs and SMEs

Why personal branding is crucial for the success of SMEs and EPUs today and how you can master it with the Creative Effectiveness method

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Become a brand through personal branding

In a world where competition is just a click away, personal branding is becoming increasingly important for one-person businesses (EPU's) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME's). “The brand used to be the focus of communication, today the person as a person represents the brand - and that is personal branding!” explains Gregor Jasch about the changed communication requirements due to the Internet.

But how can you and your company stand out in this dense market? The answer lies in Gregor Jasch's Creative Effectiveness Method. Let's discover together how this method transforms your brand and how you can take leadership of your expertise on the Internet and on social media.

Step 1: Analyze target group and decision-makers

Who are your customers? Who makes the purchasing decisions? Knowing your target group exactly is the first step to sharpening your personal branding strategy. With the Creative Effectiveness Method you will learn to precisely define your target group and respond to their needs.

Step 2: Development of personas

Create detailed personas of your ideal customers. This helps you develop tailored messages that resonate. Gregor Jasch's approach guides you through the process of creating vibrant and realistic personas.

Personas are fictional characters that represent typical characteristics of the target group in order to align marketing strategies and product developments more precisely with customer needs.

Step 3: Analyze products and services

What do you offer and why should anyone choose it? Analyze your products and services critically. The Creative Effectiveness Method shows you how you can emphasize the uniqueness of your offer.

Step 4: Developing the values of your brand personality

Your brand needs a personality. What values does it represent? This phase of the method helps you develop a strong, values-based personality for your brand.

Step 5: Determine the tone of communication

How do you address your audience? Choosing the right tonality is crucial to creating a connection. Gregor Jasch teaches you to choose a coherent and appealing way of communication.

Step 6: Differentiation from competitors

What makes you different than your competitors? It is important to recognize and emphasize your uniqueness. With the Creative Effectiveness Method you will learn how to clearly stand out from your competitors.

Step 7: Developing the Fishing Hook of Curiosity

Capture the attention of your target group. The "fishhook of curiosity" is what captivates potential customers. This step shows you how to arouse interest and curiosity.

Step 8: Development of the pyramid of communication

Now it's about structuring your communication. The Pyramid of Communication is a model that helps you develop consistent and effective messages.

Step 9: Development of a modular concept for brand communication

Create a flexible system of text modules that you can use for various communication channels - from networking to sales to social media and your company website.


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Gregor Jasch develops and accompanies people, ideas and companies towards success in digitalization, brand - story - film and new business development. His book “The Creative Effectiveness Method” on Amazon achieved top rankings in three categories on Amazon. His corporate films to accelerate order clarification have often received awards worldwide.


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