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Unleash your creativity: The Creative Effectiveness Method by Gregor Jasch

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

In the world of marketing and communications, you are constantly looking for the next big idea. But how can you ensure that your creative sparks not only shine brightly, but are also focused? This is where Gregor Jasch's Creative Effectiveness Method comes into play, an approach that combines your creativity with strategic foresight.

Creativity is temawork!
Creativity is temawork!

Creative Effectiveness Method: Why a strategy is the be-all and end-all

Before you plunge into the world of ideas, stop and ask yourself: What strategy is my idea actually based on? A clear, well-thought-out strategy is the foundation for every successful marketing and communications campaign. It gives you direction and ensures that your ideas are not only innovative, but also effective and aligned with the goals of your company.

All on board: The power of teamwork

Creativity is not a lone wolf sport. With Gregor Jasch's Creative Effectiveness Method, you will learn how important it is to involve your entire team. Each team member brings their own perspectives and skills that enrich the pool of ideas. This collective participation not only promotes the diversity of ideas, but also the commitment and responsibility of each individual.

The joint jump into idea generation

Before you start looking for ideas, define a central starting point. This common starting point is like a beacon for the creative process. It helps you and your team clearly understand the core goals and ensures that all ideas navigate in the same direction. This step is crucial in order to develop creative solutions in a focused and goal-oriented manner.

Idea management and implementation – the final touch

Once you have a pool of ideas, it's time to get down to business: idea management. In this phase, ideas are collected, evaluated and refined. This is where the strength of the Creative Effectiveness Method becomes apparent: it allows you to remain creative while at the same time ensuring the feasibility and relevance of your ideas.

Conclusion: Creativity meets strategy

Gregor Jasch's Creative Effectiveness Method is your guide to being not only creative but also effective in the world of marketing and communication. By using a solid strategy as a basis, actively involving your team, defining a clear starting point and taking a structured approach to implementing ideas, you ensure that your creative ideas lead to real, successful results. Get ready to unleash your creativity while thinking strategically - the key to your success in marketing and communications.


Gregor Jasch develops and accompanies people, ideas and companies towards success in digitalization, brand - story - film and new business development. His book “Creative Effectiveness Method” on Amazon achieved top rankings in three categories on Amazon. His corporate films to accelerate order clarification have often received awards worldwide.


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