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Get a fresh start with the principle of the four seasons of success!

Suddenly we are confronted with situations completely unprepared in which we have to face change. 


If you know where you are in every phase of your life, you will experience every moment in harmony with the flow of life and thus be in harmony with yourself.


Gregor Jasch coaches, develops and accompanies people, ideas and companies into a new start and into success:

  • People in the second half of life who want to realize themselves professionally in a new way 

  • People who are forced to face a new start due to strokes of fate

  • People who want to successfully realize an idea or a project

Gregor Jasch

You become what you decide

Restart Coaching: the secret of success

Gregor Jasch's journey

Gregor Jasch has been turning ideas into reality since he was very young. He started out as a print, radio & TV journalist and photographer in the music business and later in adult education, organizing music seminars in the field of popular music with the Art Institute Vienna. Many musicians from Falco, Drahdiwaberl, Hallucination Company, EAV and the Austropop scene of the 80s were among his lecturers, including Thomas Rabitsch, Karl Ratzer, Peter Legat, Helmut Bibl and Police producer Nigel Grey. He paved the way into the music business for his numerous participants and created new career prospects. 


The theme of a new start was always the starting point for facing new challenges, and Gregor Jasch became an expert in developing new perspectives and turning new ideas into reality. 


As Drahdiwaberl manager, he organized the legendary performance at the New Music Seminar at the Palladium in New York in 1991, then founded various marketing and film production companies that enabled him to work on all continents and discover his special love for Japan. Gregor Jasch has received many international awards for his B2B image films. 

He is a book author, motivational speaker and personal success coach as well as a creative sparring partner for consultants, self-employed people, industry leaders and public figures who are developing into brands and seeking new paths to success

In the transformation we learn that all possibilities are in our hands. Together we design a plan for this and accompany you in the implementation.

Business & Mindset Strategie


So that the idea determines the coincidence and not vice versa, we develop together particularly creative and effective ideas and strategies for your business.

Idea & Business Development


Well-known brands are like successful people, they make it clear what they stand for and convey trust and distinctiveness in no time and a desire to learn more about them!

Positioning & (Personal) Branding


We develop a modular text kit of your brand messages and stage them for all touchpoints on the customer journey.

Storytelling, Film & Staging


As *****WIX-Legend partner we develop perfect WIX Responsive websites and provide assistance as WIX Coach for all content and technical concerns.

WIX Websites & SEO Marketing


Overview of my services

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Gregor Jasch

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