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Gregor Jasch

Personal Branding

Gregor Jasch develops people into brands - that is personal branding and in the age of the Internet, clear positioning is a prerequisite for success and gaining reach. 

Whether coach, consultant, freelancer, lawyer, real estate agent, architect, interior designer, agency founder... simply everyone who offers their services independently must now communicate what sets them apart and what makes them unique as a provider. 

Today, a website is a customer loyalty tool that requires clear messages and calls to action in order to successfully steer customer dialog and generate conversions.

Katrin Lux

Reference Katrin Lux

"It is simply unbelievable what has come about through the collaboration and coaching of Gregor Jasch - pure alchemy! Many doors opened inside and outside of me within a very short time and the result exceeded my expectations in every case.


Katrin Lux is a German actress and is known from the series Dahoam is Dahoam on Bavarian television as cook Fanny Lechner.

We invite you to get to know us for free! We clarify your needs and develop an individual offer for you in a Zoom video call.

Getting to know each other & determining the status quo


Let's put the mosaic building blocks of the characteristics of your personality in a new order! Often it's only small changes that make a big difference...

Reinvent yourself!


The path to success is a development process that requires continuity and time. Together, we develop the appropriate strategy and milestones.

Design your reality!


Success coaching & strategy development

We place you and your offers clearly, understandably and differentiating from the competition in the digital display of success.

Positioning, Products & Services


We develop a modular kit of your brand story for daily use in networking, acquisition and for your website.

Brand & Story Development


We produce unique photos of you in Vienna in our studio, which are perfectly tailored to you and your positioning - as individual as you are!

Photo shoot & staging


Brand, Story & Personal Branding

Tell your story in a YouTube interview with Gregor Jasch. We prepare the content and the setting and get you ready for the recording.

Preparation & Video Training


We film you in a relaxed conversational atmosphere and take the pressure off you in front of the camera. And if you ever get stuck, we'll help you right away!

Video Production & Staging


We integrate your YouTube video on your WIX website and support you with promotion on social media or paid campaigns.

YouTube Video Promotion


YouTube Interview Clips

Let's get to know each other!

Zoom Video-Call

15 Minutes

Book a videocall online now!

Gregor Jasch

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We review the existing content, suggest additions as well as technical solutions that significantly improve the design and navigation.



We will develop your desired website with all required functions such as store, appointment bookings, blogs, and also help you with all technical questions.



For your site to be found on Google, you need technical SEO, for the increase of top positions in the ranking organic SEO. We will help you of course!

Technical & Organic SEO


As a Wix.Coach we have been supporting our customers for many years on all issues with the WIX website editor, visit our WIX.Coach page with many examples!


WIX website development

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